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vacation rentals.
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How Keychain Works

Option 1


Schedule a call with one of our property specialists to go over budget, location and time frame so we can help find your perfect property. At Keychain, you own your property, we take care of the rest. We’re excited to meet you!

Step 2


Once we lock down your property,  our design team will begin to order furniture and schedule the necessary upgrades to the home so that we can get it up and running  as soon as possible after you take possession. We got this!

Step 3


Congrats! Your property is up and running and our management team will take it from here. All you need to worry about is your next investment. Welcome to the Keychain Family!

Option 2

How fractional ownership works

1. Browse

Browse the Keychain marketplace for available properties that fit your investment criteria. We'll help you find the perfect fit, and you decide how many shares you'd like to own.

2. Invest

Purchase shares in any Keychain property for as little as $1000 per share.

3. Relax

We take care of the bookings, cleanings, repairs, utilities, and property management – you just sit back and relax. You’ll earn your share of net monthly income and potential property appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Keychain process work?

Investors select a Keychain property and acquire fractional interests that represent an ownership interest in that property. The investment is designed to deliver passive income without management responsibilities.

Once Keychain accepts your investment and your funds are transferred, you will be entitled to receive quarterly distributions of net rental income generated by the property, plus potential tax benefits normally associated with direct property ownership, such as appreciation, depreciation and expense write-offs. Keychain handles all operational responsibilities.

How will rental income be distributed to investors?

Distributions will be directly deposited to your bank account. We distribute dividends annually on or before December 15th.

On each payment date, an investor will receive their share of rental income after deducting principal and interest payments for the mortgage, property management fees, property taxes, insurance costs, repair costs, HOA fees, reserve fees (stored for larger expenses), and any other expenses based on the investor’s percentage of ownership.

There may be periods where there is no distribution available if the cash needed to fund costs is greater than the rental income. There may also be periods when additional capital is needed from investors to fund costs related to the property. Investors are expected to provide the needed capital required on their percentage of ownership. If additional capital is not provided, investors may have their share amounts lowered or removed from ownership.

When and how can I sell my shares?

After 180 days, investors have the chance to sell their shares, subject to liquidity and compliance with the transfer restrictions described in our Operating Agreement or Offering Circular, investors may exit by selling their shares to other investors. Investors may indicate their desire to exit an interest, including their desired exit price, by contacting Keychain support. Transfer fees may apply and would be disclosed before finalizing any potential exit request.

Keychain support will seek to match exit interest to potential buyers. Keychain may not successfully match an exit request, and you may have to hold your investment for an indefinite period. Our anticipated hold period for each property will be 5-10 years.

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