Investors simply earn more with Keychain

Why invest with Keychain?


Our experienced team ensures every property is located in markets with high appreciation, and fully vetted for maximum cash flow. By partnering with a property management company, we know what properties are, and aren’t performing.

Fully Passive

Our property management company takes care of all the day to day operations, so you are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions. All you need to worry about is your next deal.

Fractional Ownership

Shares are offered in select vacation rentals for as little as $1000 per share. This results in a lower barrier to entry & lower cost of diversification.

Economic Rights

Bought your own property? That's all yours baby. Bought a piece of a keychain home? That's also “almost” all yours. Reap the benefits of appreciation, equity, profit, and tax benefits all with fractional ownership.


At keychain we are so bought into the process that our staff is investing right alongside you. This way you know that our best interests are your best interests.


For our fractional owners: After an initial holding period, liquidity options become available such as the ability to sell your property shares to other keychain members. But like, the returns are so good so why would you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Keychain select its markets?

Keychain identifies markets that it believes exhibit attractive attributes for vacation rental investments. Considerations include population growth, visitor growth, business climate, demographics, vacation rental yields, rent growth, and inventory. 

How are Keychain properties identified?

keychain’s data engine analyzes real estate, demographic and economic data from across the nation and aims to identify markets with the best outlooks for gross rental yield. A few of the data points include:

  • Availability of entry-level homes for sale

  • Healthy economies with visitor growth

  • Household growth

  • Rental growth

  • Home appreciation

  • Population growth

How are guests screened for Keychain properties?

We screen each guest based on the intention of travel, as well as the number of requested guests per stay. We limit each stay to a maximum of two guests per bedroom to eliminate the chance for parties or destruction of property.


Does Keychain own these properties?

Title for the homes are held in a corporation by Keychain and are administered by Keychain on behalf of investors. This structure enables Keychain or its affiliates to perform operational duties such as professional in-house property and asset management while allowing investors to maintain an economic interest in the underlying home.


What is the condition of each property?

Every home is either new construction or renovated to a standard intended to enhance gross rental income. Before they are made available to investors, homes have been renovated with upgrades such as smart home features, new paint, flooring, appliances, etc. Critical systems (such as roof) are inspected and repaired or replaced as needed.


How is the value of each property determined?

Estimates are based upon a combination of third-party automated valuation models and in-house underwriting to establish a range for the potential resale value of a specific property. The automated valuation models use algorithms to review all of the properties sold within a specific distance of the subject property to pinpoint a potential sale price of properties with similar specifications. The valuations team takes into account the renovated condition of the home as it compares to comparable sales in similar areas/neighborhoods to determine a more subjective analysis of each property.


Is the property re-valued, and if so, how often?

Yes, Keychain intends to perform property valuation annually.

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