Seamlessly invest in vacation rentals

Whether you have $1,000 or $1,000,000 we can help get you started. 

Vacation rentals consistently outperform every other class of real estate.

Returns on vacation rentals are nearly 129% more on average than any other class of real estate investment.

Avg. Annualized Total Return %

Calculation based on combined US median cap rate and net appreciation

Our Process

Find your

Our licensed Realtor® will find you the highest yielding property that checks all of your boxes across all of our markets.

Prepare your

Our interior design team can perform any necessary improvement, furnishing, and staging to ensure the highest returns on your investment.

Manage your Property

We handle the stress of bookings, cleanings, repairs, and property management – you just sit back and relax.

Why invest with Keychain?


Our experienced team ensures every property is located in markets with high appreciation, and fully vetted for maximum cash flow. By partnering with a property management company, we know what properties are, and aren’t performing.

Fully Passive

Our property management company takes care of all the day to day operations, so you are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions. All you need to worry about is your next deal.

Fractional Ownership

Shares are offered in select vacation rentals for as little as $1000 per share. This results in a lower barrier to entry & lower cost of diversification.

Economic Rights

Bought your own property? That's all yours baby! Bought a piece of a Keychain home? That's also “almost” all yours. Reap the benefits of appreciation, equity, profit, and tax benefits, all with fractional ownership.


At Keychain we are so bought into the process that our staff is investing right alongside you. This way you know that our best interests are your best interests.


For our fractional owners: after an initial holding period, liquidity options become available such as the ability to sell your property shares to other Keychain members. But like, the returns are so good, so why would you?

Not ready to own your own home? 

Option 2: Invest in vacation rentals like stocks

Browse what Keychain currently owns and obtain fractional ownership shares starting at $1000! This entitles you to equity, appreciation and cash flow. That’s off the chain!


We’ll manage the day-to-day

Our team manages the property so you don’t have to. We’ll generate demand, schedule bookings, cleanings, and stock all of the essentials.

Property Management

Guest Communication

Inventory Management

Listing Optimization

Property Maintenance

Cleaning Schedule

You might be wondering…

Who are we?

Keychain is a full-service platform for busy professionals to invest in the ownership of short term rentals. We believe everyone can own real estate!

What am I buying?

A Keychain investor either owns their home in full or purchases a share in a property owned by Keychain Homes Inc. Fractional ownership entitles the investor to receive quarterly cash distributions of the property’s net rental income based on the appreciation, equity and cash flow of the property of your choice. 

Do I need to be involved in any aspect of property management?

This is a fully managed investment intended to require little to no investor involvement. Nomadics Inc, a 100% Keychain owned company, will manage each Keychain property. Just like stocks, you will receive a live portal to see how your property is performing!

What are you waiting for?

We’re excited to welcome you to the Keychain community. Bring your friends and family, and co-invest with them.